Remote Odorant Monitoring System


Nema 4X / Nema 7

Remote odorant monitoring system that uses an odorant electrochemical sensor to measure THT or Mercaptans in remote locations. This system is much more affordable than gas chromatographs, bringing information in real time from the odorant level, as well as historical information to Scada. The latest in electronics keeps all historical information stored for several months if required and handles all communications with Scada systems via Modbus, reporting alarms in real time, local communications and detailed auto-calibration processes. Available in Nema 4X enclosure, designed for classified areas: Class 1 Division 2 groups C & D. Optional in Nema 7 explosion proof enclosure, designed for classified areas: Class 1 Groups A, B, C and D.
Nema 4X Nema 7