Operational Management System

Versatile tool for field workforce remote administration, developed for companies that are in need of complete control and management of all activities taking place in the field by their workforce in real time.


Work Orders

Work orders can be generated so that emergencies, suspensions & reconnections, maintenance between other processes can be attended. These orders can be assigned to the most appropriate personnel in order to attend the event.

Inventory, Personnel and Work Shift Management

It allows to maintain all personnel information up to date, organize their work shifts for better organization and traceability, and keep track of all the inventory needed to successfully control the entire operation.

Status Reports

Generates statistical reports which will help to make decision regarding the operation and how to make these processes more efficient.


Tool designed exclusively to provide support to the execution of daily work orders. It allows for direct communication between the field personnel and the control center, which helps attending all field processes easier and completely traceable by the company.